pep plaza aniversari 2020


OBB COM back in the new spot Condis i la anniversary campaign 2021, with thousands of Gift Certificates.

And of course, with the actor Pep Plaza! The theme this year: Being a Condis costumer can arouse a lot of envy!


Complementing Anniversary Campaign Condis TV, des de OBB COM presents you the graph in format OPIS.


2020 Opis 118x175_2020 Cat_B_1.jpg

2020 Opis 118x175_2020 Cat_B_2.jpg

2020 Opis 118x175_2020 Cat_B_3.jpg

OBBCOM has made a spot to celebrate, once again, the Condis Supermarket’s Crhistmas. Like last year we come back with the actor Pep Plaza.