OBB has made a new spot to celebrate again the anniversary of the Condis Supermarkets

This time, the actor Pep Plaza, with the slogan, “When you buy in Condis you're never wrong”.

You can see this campaign in a different format, such a poster, OPIS, PLV… In the Condis sales points, Barcelona buses and Metro stations, railways and Rodalies, as well as in different media such as TV3, 8TV and radio stations.

         FALCA RÀDIO 2           SPOT TV


Opi1 condis 18 Aniversario

Opi2 condis 18 Aniversario

PLV1 condis 18 Aniversario

PLV2 condis 18 Aniversario









oferta condis vuelta18OBB manages the sales of Condis since many years ago. They’re catalogues that have between 8 to 32 pages where supermarket Condis shows what their best offers are.
This is the last that has been made, is the one that offers the best discounts for the return to school!

RS campana propamsaPropamsa SAU is a company that is dedicated to the production of construction materials. The company, which has more than 85 years of experience, has recently launched a campaign for a new range of products “Pam Ecogel Sin Polvo”. From our OBB company, we have collaborated with our client giving him support and strength in the media.
We have made and sent press releases, getting specialized construction magazines.
In addition, OBB has emphasized the social media of Propamsa SAU. We have created advertising campaigns with the video presentation of the new product range, and we have been getting more than 130,000 video views on Facebook and more than 200,000 on Twitter.